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District 8 - Mason City

** Travel is NOT advised in this area **

Here’s a look at I-35 South of Clear Lake (182mm). A semi went into the ditch, partially blocking the roadway. The interstate was shut down until the semi was able to be towed.

The Iowa State Patrol is still responding to numerous crashes throughout the state. There is currently a “Blizzard Warning” in several Northern counties.

Please be sure to check 511 if you have to travel today. Many roadways are completely covered with travel not advised.
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Karen King Fitzgerald

The Iowa State Patrol has responded to 166 calls for service since the start of the winter storm yesterday. Several counties across the state remain in a Winter Weather Warning or Advisory until 6:00 PM tonight! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for being out there putting yourselves at risk for people who shouldnt be out in bad conditions (and everyday)

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We would like to welcome Trp. Bullington back to work today. He has been off work since he was hit from behind on Feb 25. It’s good to see him in his uniform again. Please pay attention and follow the rules when you’re driving.
We would like to say “Thank you” to Trp. Dave Helton for 15 years of service to ISTA & SPOC boards. We hope you enjoy your well deserved retirement.
Starting off the Iowa Legislative season by meeting with the men and women that serve and represent us. Thank you for attending and hearing the issues.
Good luck to the Grandview Little League team on their hunt for a championship at the Little League World Series. You have already made the State of Iowa proud. #LLWS
Happy Mother's Day to all of our Law Enforcement moms.
Truly an honor for SPOC to present Iowa Concerns of Police Survivors with a donation of $2500 in honor of Deputy Burbridge. Thanks to the troopers of Districts 3 and 4, ISTA, Iowa Park Rangers, and SPOC for donating. Thank you Iowa COPS for all the work you do to support law enforcement.
Help us help you. We ask that if you are traveling, plan ahead. Slow down, leave space, and drive with caution. Iowa State Patrol Iowa Department of Transportation
While the public should recognize the bravery, courage, honor and integrity shown by our nation’s law enforcement officers every day, there is one day each year set aside to show how much we value their service and protection of our communities. Let an officer know if you see one.
Thank you District 11 Honor Guard members for representing tonight. "Honor to be a part of laying a brother in brown to rest!! RIP X397!" Sgt. Trainor.
The final game of the year, hanging with Kid Captain Laurel Schaul for a little while. Always a joy to have these opportunities. University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Iowa Hawkeyes Hawkeye Football
Kid Captain, Logan Manderfield taking the time to get a photo with us at the Ohio State vs Iowa game. What a great young man. University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital Logan's Hope Hawkeye Football
We would like to thank Doug Drost for serving on the SPOC Board for 13 years. Thank you for everything that you have done over the years.
The Iowa Department of Public Safety is NOW hiring. We're looking for highly motivated individuals to help fill open positions for troopers and special agents across our state! Start your process here:
On this day, and always....we will never forget! Trooper Allen Patrick Nieland Iowa State Patrol EOW 10/14/90 Thank you for your service to the State of Iowa.
Looks like everyone had a good time. Thanks to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital and to Hawkeye Football for giving all the kids this experience at the games.
Help Trooper Anderson with his project in the Fort Dodge area. “He came up with the idea to challenge troopers across the state to donate blood,” Miller said. “He’s a technical accident investigator, so he sees a lot of accidents and the need for a lot of blood.” It is open to the public, details in the article.
Thank you to all the men and women that work to protect all. We will never forget and we will do our best to protect you.
We want to hear from you. Which side of the house are you on? 👍 for Hawkeye Football and 💟 for Iowa State Football. Help us out this weekend. Safe travels this weekend to cheer on your team.
Congratulations to some of our Iowa State Troopers and the other recipients for being recognized for their uses of AED and CPR by Des Moines Firefighters. "Quick use of an AED and Bystander CPR helped make a difference! Take the time to learn CPR And know how to use a defibrillator. These folks helped save a co-workers life!"
We would like to thank the men and women of the State Police Officers Council and all of our public safety partners that worked over the Holiday Weekend.
August 1, 2017 is National Night Out. Come meet the men and women that work 24/7/365 to keep you safe. They would love to meet you. Check with our local agencies on their event location. #nationalnightout2017
SPOC recently donated to a great cause, COPS AGAINST CANCER. It is an honor to assist them with their future plans. #copsagainstcancer
HF 574 will be discussed in a House subcommittee today - ask your legislators to support hunting and fishing fee modernization for a safer and improved natural habitat.
Troubling trend lines - as trooper numbers have decreased, there have been 17,600 fewer speed citations issued than four years ago, 6,617 more crashes than four years ago and 54 more deaths than just two years ago.
As legislators face tough budget decisions, we must remember that there is one trooper on the road today for every 8,426 drivers compared to one trooper for every 6,333 drivers seven years ago. As licensed drivers have increased, trooper numbers have gone down. We need more troopers on the road, not less, to keep Iowans safe.
Ask your legislators to support HF574, which will allow for an increase in hunting and fishing fees to provide revenue for the many conservation, safety and preservation services enjoyed by hunters and anglers.
Happy St. Patrick's Day - please celebrate responsibly
Ask your legislators to support House File 510, a bill that allows the Iowa DNR to set market rate prices for state park camping and other amenities. This will help our state parks be competitive in the marketplace, attract visitors and be cleaner and safer.
Did you know – there were 1.7 million licensed drivers in 1970, compared to 2.2 million today? But there are fewer troopers on the road to patrol and keep Iowa’s roads safe.
Did you know – there were more troopers on the road in 1970 than today? While trooper numbers have declined steadily, the number of registered vehicles increased exponentially.
What problem is legislature trying to fix? SPOC is the lowest cost insurance pool in the state - members contribute 20% to their health insurance premiums and often voluntarily forgo wages in exchange for insurance benefits.
SPOC is not only the lowest cost family plan for State employees, but also had a 0% rate increase last year while all other groups averaged a 10% increase. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Thank you to Great Southern Bank for the generous donation to the families of fallen officers Tony Beminio & Justin Martin. #StandWithIowaOfficers
SPOC costs the state the least in insurance premiums. Switching to a statewide pool would inevitably cost the Department of Public Safety more for insurance premiums, which is money that would be better spent putting troopers on the road. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Similar to many private sector plans, SPOC members voluntarily contribute 20% to their health insurance plans. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Please stay safe on Iowa's icy roads. If you do find yourself in trouble, we will get to you as quickly as possible, but help us out by staying off the roads if you can.
Did you know – SPOC and the State have successfully negotiated every contract together the last 18 years? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – Troopers have to spend an additional 40,000 hours annually on other assignments and their time patrolling the highways has decreased by 6,000 hours annually? #StandWithIowaOfficers
The collaborative process laid out in Chapter 20 has served Iowa well for more than 40 years. There is no need for dramatic changes to a law that is achieving exactly what it was intended to do. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Negotiations under Iowa Code Chapter 20 almost always end with voluntary agreement between the parties. In rare cases where a dispute is submitted to arbitration, the rules are designed to require that the most reasonable proposal wins, based upon criteria specified in the law. SPOC has reached voluntary agreements with the State 14 times out of 19. #StandWithIowaOfficers
We welcome legislators back to Des Moines for the 2017 Legislative Session and look forward to working together to find solutions that will help our members continue to serve and protect Iowans.
Did you know – State troopers have responded to 6,617 more crashes than four years ago? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – Last year, Iowa Division of Narcotics agents disrupted or dismantled 85 Drug Trafficking Organizations? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – there is one trooper today for every 8,426 drivers in Iowa? Seven years ago there was a trooper for every 6,333 drivers on the road. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Happy New Year - please celebrate responsibly and help keep the roads safe tonight.
Did you know – Each year, 15 million people visit Iowa’s state parks and recreation areas? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – the Iowa DCI Lab processed 8,202 convicted offender DNA profiles into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) last year? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – SPOC is one of the smallest pool of employees in the state labor groups, yet costs the state the least in health insurance premiums? Pooling larger groups of people together does not always equate to lower premiums. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did You Know - The Iowa Fish and Game Officers Association hosts an annual hunting event to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Happy Holidays - thank you to all those who are away from their families today serving and protecting Iowans. Help us all stay safe on the Iowa roadways, please drive carefully.
Iowa DNR officers and state troopers were honored to help the Atlantic Police Department and Cass County Sheriff's Office at the annual "Shop with a Cop" event last Sunday. Officers were paired with children for the shopping adventure. In total, 45 children benefited from the event and their holiday season was made a little brighter. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Building on yesterday's post, did you know that 2016 marked the 125th anniversary of Iowa's Conservation Officers, making them the oldest state law enforcement agency? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know - Since 1891, Iowa Conservation Officers have been on the job serving Iowa and protecting our Fish and Wildlife Resources? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – There were 369 state troopers in 1998, and just 259 today? That is 110 less troopers on the road today than 18 years ago. #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – The Iowa Division of Narcotics Special Agents made undercover purchases of nearly 9.5 pounds of ice methamphetamine in Iowa last year? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know - 35 Iowa Park Rangers patrol 83 state parks and recreation areas totaling 53,000 acres? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – SPOC members do not receive social security benefits? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know - State Fire Marshal Inspectors protect the lives of children in 338 school districts? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – Nearly one third of Iowa’s state law enforcement officers are nearing retirement? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did you know – Iowa Public Sector bargaining law was passed by a Republican House and Republican Senate, and signed into law by Republican Governor Robert Ray in 1974. The law's explicit intent was to “… promote harmonious and cooperative relationships between government and its employees to organize and bargain collectively; to protect the citizens of this state by assuring effective and orderly operations of government in providing for their health, safety and welfare …” #StandWithIowaOfficers
Did You Know - there are 5-7 troopers on the road for the midnight shift in Iowa each night? #StandWithIowaOfficers
Leon Shearer, an Iowa attorney and public sector bargaining expert, praised the State Police Officers Council in his book 'A Management Handbook for Public Employee Bargaining' for the group’s professionalism in collective bargaining, highlighting how they agreed to a wellness program and participation in insurance premiums. #StandWithIowaOfficers
SPOC officers pay the highest percentage of state health insurance premiums while costing the state the least #StandWithIowaOfficers
Although Iowa officers risk their lives every day, the state’s current proposal has no life insurance benefits for state officers. Thank you for the overwhelming support, please continue to share this page with family and friends, we are going to need your help. #StandWithIowaOfficers
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